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American Motorcycle Museum

22 en 23 Mei 2020

AMCA meeting

AMCA Europe International Meet 2020

Our meet will be held 22 - 23 May 2020 at the American Motorcycle Museum in Raalte, Netherlands.
The museum is about 100 km north of our 2014 location at Geldrop, and convenient for visitors from all over Europe.

Museum. The museum contains a great collection of Harleys, Indians and other US makes such as Henderson, Excelsior and Ace in restored and unrestored condition, some in period settings, as well as parts and memorabilia. Many of our members are making repeat visits to the museum, so there should be something there for all fans of old motorcycles.

Hotel. There is hotel right next to the Museum. You can book by e-mailing

Camping. There is a camp site not far from the Museum, who can provide details.

Swap Meet. We shall be having a larger swap meet than usual and vendor spaces are still available. All vendors must be AMCA members, but you can join online or at the gate if necessary. Contact to book a space.

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